B&B Viaggiatori d'Intento - Azienda Agricola Biologica

Organic Farm – Bed & Breakfast


it is present in the territory of Sabina reatina.


The Association Viaggiatori D’Intento, is located in the town of Poggio Nativo (Rieti), extends into a valley of beautiful olive trees and a vineyard that draws the entrance to the house; within the territory there is a plot of fruit trees, a space dedicated to medicinal plants and an organic vegetable garden.

It is an uncontaminated territory, healthy and magical, where we live and nurture our passions, taking care of the Earth and its inhabitants


We fell in love with this place and its energy.

This aroused in us so much love and peace, that we decided to “give up everything” and start this new adventure on Earth. We started by rebuilding the house, a work of presence and constancy, made of intuition and strength, has gradually become the dream we had inside. Because of its size and basic construction, it has allowed us to use some spaces for the B & B and for the headquarters of our Holistic Association, already real and previously present.

Our inner intent has taken shape: unite the action of the Association Viaggiatori D’intento, that takes care of the individual through the Holistic and Spiritual approach, with the Business Travelers of Care, that takes care of the Earth and its wonderful creatures. Feel the synergy and the harmony of these two systems, the Mother Earth and the Man, which in reality is One: The World in which we live.
With this spirit of uniqueness, we face our daily actions, respecting the Earth and the People.

It is expressed through biological and purely natural choices that respect the territory, the plant and man. This is our philosophy of Life, which we walk daily between the contact with the Earth and its needs and the meeting with people for the well-being of all. From all this comes our production, composed of an organic extra virgin olive oil, with highly nutritious characteristics and delicate flavour; from a full-bodied and intense wine; from fruits and natural vegetables, imprinted with their original flavour.
We live in the natural beauty of this place, which gives wonder to the eyes and the heart and precious teachings: a choice of life.

If you want to experience this flavour and take a green relaxing break, we are waiting for you.


Cosetta & Riccardo